4 Winter Driving Tips from 1-800-Radiator & A/C Franchises

Winter is in full swing, and the cold weather and snow present a number of challenges for drivers. Stay safe and avoid winter hazards with these tips from 1-800-Radiator and A/C franchises.

Maintain a half full gas tank

Especially in the winter, it’s important to maintain at least a half tank of gas. If you get stuck or stranded, you’ll need to rely on your engine for heat. Additionally, a full tank helps prevent the gas line from freezing.

Keep your windshield washer reserve full

You don’t want to run out of washer fluid on a snowy day. Without washer fluid, you can’t keep your windshield clean and free of obstructions. Make sure your windshield washer reserve is always full, and keep an extra supply in your trunk in case you run out.

Slow down

Winter conditions require you to drive more carefully. Allow yourself more time to slow down, stop, turn, and change lanes. Keep in mind that while you may be a pro at driving in winter conditions, other drivers might not be. Leave a safe distance between you and other cars.

Clear off all snow and ice

Before you hit the road, clear all snow and ice off your car, including the roof. Driving with ice and snow on your car impedes your visibility and is unsafe. Wait until your front and rear windshields are completely free of obstructions, and use an ice scraper to clean your entire car.


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